Acquiring and Advancing Contacts

1) How do I go about making a new contact on my own?

New “generic” contacts can be acquired at Loyalty 1 for (1 + Connection) Karma. This takes (Connection / 2) weeks of downtime, rounded up, and you can’t get higher than Connection 6 this way.

You’ll also need to create a wiki page and do a writeup for the character. Give them a style and personality. Pics or it didn’t happen.

2) How do I go about raising Loyalty with a contact on my own?

Doing favors for contacts will raise your “favor” balance with them. For the rating you’re trying to get, you need to be +Loyalty with the contact in favors, and spend an equal number of weeks. You have to increase loyalty one step at a time, so no jumping from 1 to 6.

Note that doing large favors for the contact or just spending a lot of time interacting with the contact will increase Loyalty naturally over the course of the campaign. This is mostly for if you want to pressure me into increasing a number and make a case for it.

3) How do I earn favor with a contact?

…By doing favors for them. This varies by contact, but there’s a “Payment” section that gives you an idea of how you repay them for their favors, and doing more of that will swing the favor balance in your direction. It’s not an exhaustive list, so if you have an idea for how you might earn favor with a contact in your downtime, let me know.

4) How do I raise a contact’s connection?

That’s really hard. You’d need to do something that makes a significant impact in that character’s life. It can be one huge event that sets a character up, such as eliminating all the rival gangs in the area so the gang they run is on top, or something longer like setting up a steady stream of clients to your new merchant friend.

Acquiring and Advancing Contacts

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