Isabel "Eva" Braun

Connection 4 Fixer

Type Connection 4 Fixer
Loyalties ???
Services Networking (Johnsons, Shadow)
Favors Party (1)
Payment Shadow work

“So I had some small details in my background about beginning odd jobs for some shadowrun teams after my social crash — I imagine for it to fit best she’d (I’m going with she for the moment) would be something of a minor socialite looking for potential talent at high end social events. Maybe with a background connection to some military types for her to find muscle. That being the case I image she’s a woman of many faces, constantly changing her tone, actions, and appearance to best suite the audience she’s trying to use currently.”



Moment I met that woman I knew she was trouble. Swiff introduced her as a “talent scout”, connecting scum like us to the movers and shakers of the world. I got a problem trusting someone I can’t pin down though, and this woman’s the most complicated I’ve ever met. Never seen her pull the same act twice. God damn though if she doesn’t do her job. She may be the death of me one day, but at least she gets me paid.

Can never tell with women like that, but I think Eva’s fairly fond of our little herd. ‘Course, it’s always in a fixer’s best interest to make you think you’re the “favorite”. I do know one thing though: she likes the trumpet. I’m not much of a musician, but once she asked me to play for her. Hard to find good Jazz in sixth world, so I figured at the time she was settling for the closest thing. Way she looked after I was done, you’d think I was Armstrong himself. Damn woman gets more complicated by the day.

Isabel "Eva" Braun

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