Manuel "Hardcase" Calaveras

Hard-headed private eye with a little magic and a gun


I’ve always been a troublemaker. You don’t live long in DFW otherwise. Growing up, you learn two things:

1. It pays to be the man with a gun
2. There’s strength in numbers

Was part of a gang, once upon a time. Went to jail for it too. Served my nickel – and then some for bad behavior. After that I drifted for a while, picking up some skills and surviving day after day. Got lucky on my way into town, met up with a good man who had the sense of humor to learn me a trade. Now I’m an honest-to-God private detective.

Problem is, work’s slow for tuskers with a record. So I got that going against me. I take odd jobs where I can, just trying to pay the bills and get out of this game. If you got work I’ll take it, I don’t mind much what it is.

Manuel "Hardcase" Calaveras

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